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12x30 Log Siding High-Wall Barn

12×30 Motorcycle Shed & Man Cave

12×30 Motorcycle Shed

Kevin Wallace loves to cruise the scenic back roads of Virginia on his 150 horsepower Suzuki bike. But when he hits the road in his 18-wheeler, the bike has to stay home. In a 12×30 High-Wall barn. It has plenty of living space.
Here’s a bit about it in Kevin’s words.

In front of the bike is his motorcycle lift. It makes working on the bike a breeze. Recently he changed the front forks himself, saving him a pile of change. To help with his work, Kevin has his tool boxes lining the walls, and a workbench that he made.

All that work takes energy, and Kevin has a refrigerator and a freezer in the shed to stock the necessary man-supplies.

12x30 Log Siding High-Wall Barn
The motorcycle lift, workbench, toolboxes — and the fridge, of course — keep the bike in fine repair.

12×30 High-Wall Barn – the Story

Kevin knew he needed more room. But he wanted something to match the log siding of his home. He checked around a bit, and discovered to his pleasure that Byler Barns was able to make him exactly what he wanted.

He decided that he could do some of the additional features himself, and save some money. He got someone to help him with the wiring, and plans to build a porch on the side later.

A friend with a Bobcat, a few gravel pads, a new location for the carport … and Kevin was in business.

12x30 Log Siding High-Wall Barn
Kevin chose to paint the barn himself. The siding matches the house perfectly.

12×30 Man-Cave in the Making

The bike got first priority, but it doesn’t have exclusive rights to the space. Kevin has plans to partition off one end of this High-Wall Barn for himself. He’ll create his man-cave by building a wall across the barn, and putting a sliding door in. Of course, insulation and lining the walls has to follow.


For now, he’s glad the bike has a comfortable home. At least, when he’s not out riding with his wife or his buddies on the back roads of Virginia.

12x30 Log Siding High-Wall Barn
Kevin and his 150 hp bike in one of their tamer moments together.
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