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14x32 2-Door Log Garage

14×32 Log Garage – “I Designed It”

14×32 Log Garage

Barbara Meadows lives off the beaten path in rural McGayesville, VA. She knows the value of protecting your equipment from the weather. But she also knows the value of outbuildings that enhance the beauty of the backyard.

She got the best of protection and beauty by designing her own 14×32 log garage.

The 2-car garage got her lawn mower and golf cart out of the weather. The log siding matches her log home. But their was at least one more thing she was after: relaxing in a beautiful setting with friends and family.

14x32 2-Door Log Garage
Out near the woods, this log garage fits beautifully into its setting.

2-car Log Garage – with a porch!

Barbara decided to add a porch to her garage, even though it’s just a little unconventional. The porch is covered, but is open on the sides. She put her picnic table underneath, and has already used it to entertain her granddaughter. She’ll be gracing the porch in the spring with an array of flowers and plants. And eventually, the porch will likely be used as an overflow for family reunions.

Once she had the design she wanted, she took it to Bo, sales consultant in Harrisonburg. Bo helped her do the final design. From there, an on-site crew from Bylers came out and built the log garage. Barbara decided on a concrete floor, and had already gotten the slab poured. She also chose to stain the log siding herself.

Listen to Barbara talk about her experience in designing her 14×32 log garage, and having it built on-site.

14x32 Log Garage
The log siding of this garage matches Barbara’s log home.

14x32 Log Garage - Interior
Inside, there’s plenty of room for her lawn mower and golf cart.

14x32 Log Garage
Two 8×8 garage doors give spacious entry for her equipment.
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