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DIY Shed | 4 Reasons to Build Your Own Shed

DIY Shed – depending on your interests, the thought of building your own shed might send a thrill down your spine…or fill you with dread. If it fills you with dread, you might be better off just buying a shed customized to your liking.
DIY Shed disaster
A DIY shed can be a great option…especially for those with construction experience.
On the other hand, if the thought of taking on a building project peaks your interest, read on! Here, you’ll find four reasons why you should consider “doing it yourself.”

1. Personalization

A DIY shed lets you build your shed however you want almost without boundaries. There is a big difference between shed customization and shed personalization. People who buy a shed customize it to their needs. This might include things like window placement, roof type, and siding color. But personalizing a shed makes a statement about you.

We all have ways we like to be creative. If carpentry is your thing, then building your own shed is probably right up your alley. It could be a way to get away from stress in your life, a way to express yourself both recreationally and artistically. So if you want those psychedelic windows or an earthen-roofed hobbit house, go for it! Express yourself in a way that makes your backyard a personalized sanctuary.


  • Ask yourself how you want your shed to reflect you as a person.
  • Think outside the box. Think of things that may not typically be thought of in a shed – a porch with a reading hammock, a man cave with a wet bar and sound system, or a garden window to grow your favorite flowers in.
diy shed
Here’s a great example from Hallmark of a DIY Hobbit house! You can even find instructions for building this on Hallmark Channel’s website.

2. Self-improvement

Self-improvement is a great reason to build a shed yourself. We all need a challenge sometimes, whether it’s for that inner satisfaction, or to improve your carpentry skills. Building a shed could be the project that helps you learn new skill sets and broaden your horizons. New skills sets and broader horizons could help make you into a more well-rounded individual.

Design your DIY shed to match your skill set, but also to challenge you enough to expand your abilities. Check into some quality shed plans (Here’s a set for a 12×20!). Good plans will be a huge asset in saving time and guiding you toward an end result you will be proud of.


  • Pick out a shed design that fits your needs and taste, but that also is attainable. On the same note, don’t wait till the biggest snowstorm of the decade is coming.
  • Plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of time to finish your shed in a reasonable amount of time. The last thing you want is a half-finished shed staring at you every morning.
easy DIY shed
Here’s a much simpler DIY Shed.

3. Family Time

Another reason for choosing a DIY shed is that you could have some added family time. Some of the best lessons and basic life skills I learned came from doing projects with my father. My father built a small shed garage with my older brother and I when we were barely teenagers. That one project taught us how to frame a wall, put metal roofing on, and paint.

Building a shed could be that perfect time to get your children involved and to turn creative play into a family learning experience. Those times when you teach your son or daughter how to drive nails and hold a paint brush are moments we can never put a price on. The memories and skills learned will long outlive any shed.


  • Remember to be safe. Make sure you protect little ears and eyes from noise and dust.
  • You can always start things and have your children finish them. I remember my father throwing sheets of plywood up, tacking them at the corners, and having us nail the rest. When we were even younger, he would start a long row of nails and have us finish driving them home while he worked on other things we couldn’t help with.
DIY shed family
The family part of building can extend to your siblings are well as your kids. Your brother may turn out to be way more helpful than you ever thought he could be when you were little.

4. Cost

Finally, building your own shed can be a great way to save money…if you do it right and plan carefully ahead. But that’s a whole other kettle of fish. In fact, there is so much to consider when it comes to the cost of a DIY Shed that we’re making a whole separate blog post for it! Stay tuned for that.

There you go – four great reasons to consider building your own shed. Thanks for reading!

Shea Alexander

Director of Manufacturing

Shea works directly with the VP of Operations to oversee manufacturing process improvements and product development. He also works internally across all departments helping department heads develop and integrate solutions to problems while championing innovative improvements.
Personally, Shea’s creative streak stands out as he is always building something or traveling somewhere. But by far, his favorite things are coffee, mountains, and beautiful wood.

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