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Ulrich Barns And Backyards Puts Safety First.

Our Terms and Conditions apply to all of our sales. Because we deliver and install most of our products, we are able to promote safe practices and to control for damage to both your property and your purchase. Abiding by these Terms and Conditions maximizes safety and minimizes problems. We thank you for your cooperation.

Delivery And Installation of Storage Sheds Terms And Conditions: Accessibility

To install your storage shed or backyard solution, your placement location must be accessible. We customize each installation based on the product, the topography, ease of accessibility, and the labor needed to safely and securely set up the building.

Before delivery, make sure the following items are ready:

  • All tree branches en route to the site are trimmed to allow passage of our delivery rig.
  • The pad is completed and level.
  • The ground is dry enough to accommodate the weight of our rig plus your building.

Completing these items before we arrive with your building minimizes any damage to your yard from our equipment.

Us Or You: Work Required To Prepare the Site For Installation

Ulrich Barns and Backyards can do almost all the work necessary to prepare your site before delivering your new storage building. However, you can reduce costs by taking care of the checklist yourself. You may need to do things like remove fence, grade the land, prepare a foundation, or clear brush to prepare for a safe and secure installation. We will determine what needs to be done during our site visit. We will set the date of delivery and installation when the checklist is complete.

What’s included?

Ulrichs will level the building up to 12 inches off the ground free of charge. Beyond 12 inches requires blocking, which is an additional charge.
Depending on your placement site, the installation may require a crane or an on-site build. These two requirements incur an extra charge.

Animals Must Be Secure And Away From the Placement Site.

You must remove all pets and livestock from the yard during the installation process. For farm installations, unlock all field gates and make sure they open wide enough to accommodate the delivery rig. Again, remove all livestock from the area.

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