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The Ulrich Difference


Craftsmanship and Quality You Can Trust







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Experience Unmatched Quality and Precision

Welcome to Ulrich Horse Barns, crafted with pride right here in the USA. Building a horse barn is far more than merely filling a space with stalls; it’s about creating a home for your horses that meets and surpasses your unique requirements.

What sets us apart:

  • Custom Design & Engineering: We create horse barns tailored to your unique needs in Central Texas.

  • Unmatched Quality: Our 12-gauge steel construction, close-spaced anchors, and bolt-together design exceed industry standards.

  • Built to Last: Our barns feature fully galvanized 12 and 14-gauge construction with a 26-gauge roof for durability.

  • Guaranteed Safety: Our Lifetime kick-through warranty ensures quality materials protect your horses.

  • Factory Direct Savings: Factory Direct means huge savings and the best prices on the highest grade, quality horse barns.

  • DIY Kits: Our kits ship across North America, empowering you to be part of the process.

  • Future-Proof Flexibility: Easily modify and adapt your barn with our interchangeable wall panels.

  • Worry-Free Ownership: Metal construction offers a durable, long-lasting solution for horse barns, built to withstand wear and tear from horses.


Build Your Dream Barn with Ease and Efficiency

Take a Look at Our Delivery & Building Process

  • What do I need to provide for unloading the kit?
    You will need to have a 5,000 lb forklift to unload and the proper forklift for the terrain you are unloading. on.
  • How do your barns compare to other metal barns in the marketplace? What are some differences?
    There are a number of things that set us apart as far superior in the market place with regards to design and strength. I will mention the four BIG ones. 1. Wall Base Channel which is a 3″ Wide X 2″ tall 12 Gauge vs. 2″X2″ 14 gauge (higher the number the thinner the material) channel which most manufactureers use, this is the same as their door frame. 2. Anchoring system whith anchors spaced at 4′ vs. our competiton at 8′ and 12′ 3. Bolt together design which uses much stronger frame members and every panel securely fastened vs panels all floating inside a frame made of light gauge C channels. 4. Flexibility, our bolt together wall system means each 4′ panel is interchangeable and can easily be exchanged or taken out to repair or modify to fit your needs long term.
  • Is installation included?
    No. We provide you with a complete kit shipped to your install site, very clear documentation and install manual with pictures for your installer or subcontractor to use on install. We are the ONLY panelized steel horse barn that is installed with NO welding required onsite. Our install process is very easy and we have proven that it works well for our clients!
  • What is your wind rating?
    Our designs are engineered for 90 MPH winds as standard with options to upgrade up to 130 MPH rating.
  • What does the $1,000 deposit get me?
    This secures your spot in the design queue in order to get on the manufacturing schedule. A designer will reach out to finalize your order details, confirm a estimated ship date and get the remainder of the 60% deposit. Once the kit is complete and has went through our rigorous QC process along with a shipment date and method confirmed, you will pay the remaining balance.
  • What is your lead time?
    Currently from the time you place your $1,000 deposit till you get your kit shipped to your install site is 9 weeks. Depending on engineering, permitting and other requirements those lead times can extend an additional 4 to 26 weeks.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    Yes you can if you have the proper equipment allowed by DOT. However, in most cases, customers choose to allow us to ship so that all that liability is on the shipper not on you!
  • Do you sell parts for my existing barn repairs or modifications?
    Yes, with thousands of barn built over the last 50 years (Ulrich Horse Barn and Ring-O-Steel Barn brand) we sell a lot of parts to our customers. Whether you are repairing or modifying your barn call us for a parts quote. If you are needing parts for another brand unfortunately our design and assembly is so different that our assembly system would not work with other brands.
  • What tools do I need for installation?
    You will need: cordless drill and concrete hammer drill hand tools 10? ladder 5,000 pound all terrain forklift (recommended, not required in most installs)
  • How can I get in line to reserve my spot for an order?
    Place a $1,000 deposit and fill out design form with requests.
  • What is your snow load? Can I install a solar panel on the roof?
    Our standard snow load is rated for 30+ lb per sqare foot. For additional loads including solar, we can engineer the designs for 100+ lbs per square foot.

Don't hesitate and contact us if you have any questions!

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