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5-Step Design Process

We’ve been delighting clients for over 40 years with a customized design process, crafting sheds to meet individual needs. After selling literally thousands of sheds since 1972, we’ve honed this design process to 5 steps. Here, CEO Steve Ulrich walks you through the design of a shed custom-built for you.

Shed Design Step 1: Choose Your Size

Step 2: Choose Your Style

Step 3: Plan Your Shed Layout

Step 4: Choose Your Materials

Step 5: Maximize Your Space With Shed Accessories

Learning Center Articles

These learning center articles answer our clients’ most popular questions. They cover a ton of questions helping you make a smart buying decision for sheds, animal shelters, gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions.

Do I need a permit for a backyard shed in Augusta County, Virginia?

An in-depth look at when you do and when you don’t need to secure a permit for your backyard shed in Augusta County, whether you live rurally or not. With over 960 square miles of land and roughly 75,000 residents,…

Do I need a building permit for a shed in Rockingham County, Virginia?

An in-depth look at when you do and when you don’t need to secure a permit for your backyard shed when living in the country. With over 849 square miles of land, and roughly 80,000 residents, Rockingham County is the…

She Shed on Fire: Protect Your Outdoor Storage Building

We’ve all seen the commercial showing Victor and Cheryl standing outside watching Cheryl’s She Shed burn to the ground. Cheryl’s on the phone with Zachary, her State Farm agent, waiting to find out if her building is covered. Thankfully, it…

Do I need a building permit for a backyard shed in Harrisonburg, Virginia?

An in-depth look at when you do and when you don’t need to secure a building permit for a backyard shed. No matter where you live, before building a structure, make sure you’re complying with local zoning and building codes.…

Tips for Working from Home: Stay Focused & Productive

Whether you’ve worked from home for years or you recently were plunged into the remote work camp, you could probably use some tips for working from home to get and stay productive. These tips cover three areas: routines, location, and…

Ways To Be Productive During Coronavirus Quarantine

There’s no time like spring for home improvements. When the birds begin to sing and the flowers begin to bloom, you open your windows for a breath of fresh air and to let the sunshine in. If you’re getting antsy…

Buying a Shed on A Budget: Cheap Shed vs Expensive Shed

    If your shed shopping experience uncovers products in a wide range of prices, you might be asking yourself, “What’s the difference?” People buying a shed on a budget generally shop for price first. But a discerning buyer will…

Hidden Costs of Buying a Used Shed

If you’ve been shopping for an outdoor storage building but don’t think you can afford a new one, maybe you can. A lot of shoppers don’t take into account the hidden costs of buying a used shed. Even if you…

Storage Building Companies Don’t Want You To Know This!

Don’t be ripped off or misled, shop informed. You’re shopping for a storage building. Company A offers free delivery but Company B doesn’t charge any set-up fees. One manufacturer spaces the rafters further apart than the other, and yet another…

Mold! How to prevent mold in my storage shed?

You purchased an outdoor storage building to store the things you value. Whether lawn equipment, woodworking tools, or family heirlooms, you want your things protected from the elements. But sometimes, those elements invade even the best-kept homes and storage buildings,…

Where do i put my shed windows – Advice on the placement of doors and windows in your shed

Whether you’re designing a brand new storage shed, or just considering remodeling an existing one, including where to place the doors and windows, is an important decision. Afterall, no one enjoys stumbling around in the dark. If you’re asking, “How do I customize my shed layout?” with the location of doors and windows, you should also be asking, “What will I use the building for?” No one wants to climb over the lawnmower every time he needs to reach the workbench. And storing the fishing equipment in the not-so-easy-to-access back corner is, well, not so easy. Deciding what you’ll be storing in the building, how much time you’ll spend there, and what you’ll be doing while inside, will help you choose the location of your shed windows and doors.

Organize Your Life-10 Super-Simple Ways.

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and not feel the peace you expected? The first thing to meet you as you came up the drive was a bicycle laying in the grass—which needed cut—and overflowing trash cans. Inside, dishes filled the sink, shoes lay strewn about the entryway, and toys decorated the living room floor. Studies show that cluttered spaces cause depression, anxiety, and lack of focus. And all of this steals our peace. “Dealing with clutter and living a more organized life,” said Nealey Stapleton, a professional organizer from northern Virginia and owner of The Organizing Boutique, “is super important for our health, both mental and physical.”

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