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Build your horses the perfect, affordable sanctuary with the Malibu Horse Barn. This design is built with your horse's comfort in mind, featuring spacious stalls and your choice of colors to match your style.
Key Features:

  • Cost-Effective Design

  • Flexible Wall Options

  • Included Half Yoke Door

Ready to Create Your Ideal Horse Barn? Contact us today to  start your project. Our team is ready to help you build the perfect home for your horses.

Starting at $6,000

The Malibu Horse Barn combines economy with style, offering a budget-friendly solution without sacrificing functionality. This model is perfect for those seeking an efficient, attractive structure to enhance their property.

Key Features & Customization Options:

  • Wall Options: Choose from full-height solid walls or a lower 4' solid configuration to suit your needs.

  • Door Design: Includes a 48" half-yoke door as part of the standard package.

  • Color Variety: Select from a variety of siding colors and roofing colors to personalize your barn.

  • Roof Specifications: This barn features a low 1:24 pitch roof with a standard 24″ overhang on the sides and rear and a more extensive 48″ overhang at the front, complete with end trim and rain gutters.

The Malibu Horse Barn is constructed with attention to detail and durability. We offer the flexibility to incorporate additional options, allowing you to customize the barn to meet specific needs and preferences.

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