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Monitor Barn Garage

The Monitor Barn

Sizes start from 30x20.

Introducing The Monitor Barn – a versatile raised center aisle structure that can be used as a functional garage and a charming barn. Built with 10' walls and 2x6 studs, it provides ample space for your vehicles, equipment, or cherished possessions while enduring the test of time. But what truly sets The Monitor Barn apart are the personalized touches that make it yours!

Key Features:

  • Features a raised center aisle structure

  • Built on an engineered slab

  • Meets local codes and most HOA requirements

  • Available in different sizes for hobbies or vehicle storage

  • Larger sizes accommodate multiple vehicles

  • Personalize to match your home's color, roof style, and more

At Ulrich, we understand that your garage is more than just a structure – it's an extension of your lifestyle, home, and budget. Let us help you transform your property with a personalized Monitor Barn. Contact us today to get started.

Starting at $103,000*

  • Complete Onsite Construction

  • Concrete Foundation priced up to 12” of grade

  • (2) 12′ x Full Length Porch with no floor

  • 10’ Foot Wall Height; 2×6” Wall Studs 16” O.C. with two runs of Bridging

  • 2×6” or 2×8” Rafters 24” O.C. depending on building width

  • Full upper loft floor; wood ladder; heavy wood support beams; posts joined with metal plates

We Help You By



Bringing your vision to life with personalized designs that meet your requirements



Building to engineered standards for your location



Processing necessary county or city permitting for you



Coordinating with your HOA and managing construction requirements



Closely managing the process from start to finish to make sure it all goes smoothly

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