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2 Chicks Wedding and Events

Updated: Mar 18

Three Ulrich Cabin Shells, painted white with black trim, look so elegant sitting on a lush green lakeside property.  Two small buildings set on either side of one large building.  Each one with a porch to sit on and gaze across the lake.  This picture perfect venue belongs to 2 Chicks Weddings and Events. As serene as they sit during the week, on the weekends they are buzzing with the excitement of upcoming weddings.  

Sitting to the left is the bridal suite.  Inside the quaint building is a mirror and a comfortable couch perfect for any blushing bride, and her attendants to prepare.  There is even a special back door so she can slip out unseen by her expectant groom.  To the left is the groom’s parlor, while this cabin also has mirror and couch it also boasts a television and video games to cool the nerves of any groom.

Nestled between the two smaller cabins is the reception hall.  With enough seating inside for nearly 75 people, rustic charm runs throughout the space.  The two chicks, Kay Menzies and Debye Case, who run the beautiful venue spend hours decorating from top to bottom to incorporate the colors and theme of each couple.  Debye and Kay both work hard to bring the dreams of each bride and groom to reality; they certainly have a knack for making the ordinary look so elegant as they have done with their three Ulrich Cabin Shells.  

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