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3 Ways To Make Shed Site Preparation A Royal Pain

Updated: Mar 20

Shed Site Preparation–Dumb Edition

Shed site preparation is like getting a new king. It can be a boon for the whole kingdom. Or, it can be a royal pain in your backside. There are three fairly simple ways to make sure that you have a really lousy experience with your shed site preparation.

  1. Choose a poor location for your shed site.

  2. Forget to check with your HOA or city/county offices about setback. Because then, you may get to do site prep twice.

  3. Don’t do your shed company homework. Because then, you may get to do all the heavy work yourself.

Shed Site Preparation–Smart Edition

For a more pleasant experience in your shed site preparation, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Choose your shed site carefully. Try to find a dry site, and one that is free of stumps, rocks, trees, and other interferences. Try to find one that is both even and level, or not more than 2 feet out of level. (To find out whether or not it’s level, use a . . . you guessed it! Use a level. Your eye may not detect how much slope there is.)

  2. Check with your HOA, and city or county offices about proper setback. We saw a case where the HOA came along and told a homeowner that the building had to be moved. The owner had to pay to get the building moved 5 feet. Ouch!

  3. Compare companies. Some shed companies will do most site prep for you under normal circumstances. Others will sell and deliver the building, but everything else is up to you. These are the companies that make these kinds of statements:

  4. “Doing any necessary site preparation is solely the customer’s responsibility.”

  5. “Site leveling and preparation is the purchaser’s responsibility. cannot be responsible for adverse effects an unlevel pad may have on your new shed.” This basically means, If the doors don’t work, it’s your problem.

So, ask questions. Delivery and set up policies are very different from one shed company to another.

You will often need to do at least a little site prep yourself before delivery–mow the grass, trim a tree, or spray the poison ivy. And sometimes, you may choose to build your own shed foundation. But you may be a great candidate for a simple block set done by your shed delivery guys, saving you a lot of work.

In any case, do your background work, and avoid backside pain.

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