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5 Questions To Ask Your Shed Builder Before You Buy

Updated: Mar 20

When it comes to where you buy your new shed, you have a lot of options.  Don’t get stuck spending a boat-load of money for a canoe’s-worth of storage shed! Knowing what questions to ask can make the difference between a decision you love and a decision you loathe.  Before you hop in your truck to visit Lowe’s or a local shed builder, arm yourself with these 5 basic questions.

A shed builder at work bending trim for a vinyl-sided shed. The difference is in the details.

Remember, your choice of a shed builder will follow you well beyond the delivery of your new shed into your yard.  Getting acquainted with your options can save a lot of regret later. As you look around and talk to people, here are some questions to consider.

  1. How long have you been in the business?  Building a top-quality shed takes experience and technical expertise.  Builders who have been in the area for years understand the needs of the local community, as well as local building code requirements.

  2. What kind of service do you offer, both before and after purchase?  Do they work with you to design your storage shed so that your investment gives you the most satisfactory service possible?  Will they toss your building off the back of a trailer and leave you to fend for yourself, or will they work carefully with you to place it where it serves you best on a site that has been adequately prepared?

  3. What warranty do you offer?  Storage unit manufacturers use a wide variety of materials and workmanship.  Some sheds begin to fall apart, literally, in only a few years.  Ask about the quality and manufacturer’s warranty of materials such as shingles and siding.  Be sure to read the fine print on the builder’s warranty exterior, roof, and structure.

  4. Do you offer repair service?  Like your house, sheds eventually need maintenance and repairs.  Do they have qualified service technicians to keep your shed weather-tight and looking good?

  5. Do you move buildings in the future? Surprisingly, we frequently get calls asking if we could move a building, either to put it in a better place in the yard, or because people no longer need their shed.

  6. Or, you can build your own shed.  We’ve been snooping around online, and found these free shed plans that will let you build your own storage shed.

Don’t be afraid to become a private investigator.  Sales people who are really interested in the customer’s complete satisfaction are always glad for the opportunity to answer these kinds of inquiries.

You may be wondering how we answer those questions. Thanks for asking! We’d love to tell you.

  1. How long have we been in the business?  Over 40 years. Byler Barns (now Ulrich) was started in 1972.

  2. What kind of service do they offer, both before and after purchase?  Our specialty is custom design. We have trained design consultants at every sales lot. We love to work with you until you are satisfied!

  3. What warranty do they offer?  We have a great warranty. Ask for details.

  4. Do they offer repair service?  We have a dedicated service tech. He’s only a call away. And, he’s very good at what he does.

  5. Do they move buildings in the future? We move portable storage buildings for people all the time.

  6. We’d love to be your storage shed builder! Come ask us these questions, and many more.

Thanks for checking us out. Wherever you are located, we wish you good luck in finding a quality shed from a quality shed builder. Looking for storage building inspirations? Stroll through our photo gallery!

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