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7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Updated: Mar 20

Fall is in full swing and before we know it winter will be here with it’s freezing temps and blistery weather.   Before all of the holiday parties, family traditions and hustle and bustle, tackle these home maintenance tasks to prepare your home for winter weather.


1. Reverse your Ceiling Fans – Run blades in a clockwise direction to create an updraft to push warm air downwards.

2. Check the Roof – look for damaged, loose or missing shingles that may cause leakage during winter storms. Replace any that are in bad shape.

3. Caulk around Windows and Doors – If gaps between door frames or windows are larger than the width of a nickel, it is time to fill in with caulk.

4. Clean the Gutters – Clogged gutters can lead to damaged roofing, siding and wood trim.

5. Turn off Exterior Faucets – Water left in pipes can freeze which will cause pipes to burst as the water expands. Disconnect all hoses and drain all water in faucets.

6. Protect Your Pipes – To help protect your pipes from freezing, insulate them with a blanket of foam insulation.

7. Protect Your Stuff  – Put your lawn care tools, mower, and summer recreation items in a garage or Shed.  Don’t leave these expensive items out in the elements, protect them with an Ulrich Lifestyle Shed or Garage.

Don’t wait until winter weather hits and you are stuck with costly repairs that could have been avoided with a little winter prep.

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