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A Backyard Barn Built in the Forest

Updated: Mar 18

John and his wife moved from a 100 acre ranch to a 1 acre semi-rural property. John wanted to keep his four wheeler, wood splitter, and a few other tools — so he started looking for a backyard barn.

In John’s case, his backyard is a heavily wooded lot that slopes down from his home. He wanted to tuck his backyard barn away in the woods, keeping it out of view from the house. 

There definitely wasn’t enough room to deliver a 14×24 ft Ulrich Texan Barn between the many trees. Sales consultant Weston Ulrich assured John that we could carry the needed materials down the slope and build it in place.

The day the construction crew arrived with a trailer full of building supplies, they began hand carrying the supplies from the driveway to the building site. A building of that size requires a lot of lumber. The crew worked for 3 ½ hours to hand-transport the supplies to the build site.

John was impressed by the quality of the crew’s work. He’s a pretty meticulous gentleman, and counts his Ulrich backyard barn one of the few major purchases he’s ever made where there wasn’t an issue of some kind. “It’s just solid as a tank,” he says.

One of the features he really likes is the loft. He has a lot of storage items up in the loft.  This helps keep the floor clear for his large, heavy equipment. The heavy duty ramp makes it easy to move his ATV in and out of the shed.

John enjoyed working with sales consultant Weston Ulrich.

“Weston was great. He was just very upfront and matter of fact. No B.S. kind of stuff, no hard sales. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience — really liked him.”

John is very happy with his Ulrich experience and his new backyard barn. 

“It was actually way better than my high expectations,” he says.

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