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A Classy Garage For Classic Cars

Updated: Mar 18

Mike Green needed a building in which to work on his classic cars. He and his wife Pam also needed space for storing household items. As they began to shop for a storage building, they heard about Ulrich Barn Builders from other people.

They went to the Ulrich sales lot where they talked with sales associate Dustin Young. In a sales brochure, they found the 24×32 Carriage House design and fell in love with it because it matched their house. The same day, Dustin gave the Greens a quote with the modifications they requested and put their garage on the building schedule.

The Greens chose white for the exterior and a gray roof to match their house. They added two dormers and a porch over the door with a couple of columns to coordinate with columns used near their pool.

Construction supervisor Brian Seaman had the building completed right on schedule. Mike says Brian kept the crew working efficiently and caught any potential issues.

Mike had gray garage cabinets installed on the lower level. He used slat board for the walls and white bead board for the ceiling, with epoxy applied to the floor. They also installed air conditioning and heat on both levels. Mike’s son has taken over half of the upstairs, turning it into a theater room for watching sports.

The Greens have recommended Ulrich Barn Builders to their neighbors. “There are a lot of people in the neighborhood that once this went up, they’re, like, ‘Man, we want a barn just like that.'” Several neighbors have walked through the barn to get ideas for their own sheds.

If you’re looking to purchase your own shed or garage, Mike suggests calling Ulrich Barn Builders, and “they’ll pretty much handle it from there.”


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