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A Custom Barn For Miniature Zebu

Updated: Mar 18

When Brian and Colleen Trainor moved their family of nine, they knew they wanted to simplify after their harried life in California. Their daughter Delaney loved animals and told them about zebu, the only naturally miniature breed of cattle. After visiting a farm with about 60 zebus, the Trainors liked the mini cows and decided to start their own herd.

They bought a bull named Jacob and his two wives, Leah and Rachel. The size of the animals works well for the amount of land at Ranch Kildare. As well as being a good fit for even their younger children to help with chores and training of the cattle.

The Trainors used a makeshift building to house the cattle. But the barn flooded in September of 2018. They knew they needed a stronger barn, relocated to higher ground. Brian and Colleen checked various barn businesses online but got nowhere. When they heard about Ulrich Barn Builders from a neighbor, things changed.

The Ulrich 20×30 Two Story Carriage House garage design gave the Trainors the space they needed.  It matched their house, and they could have a custom barn. Ulrich Barn Builders built stalls for the cattle and future animals, adding a cement floor and Dutch doors. There’s space for the Trainors’ son to pursue his interest in woodworking. They added a hayloft with a hay door. The second story is light and bright, with lots of windows. The Ulrich crew showed up on time, were polite and professional, and built the barn quickly.

Ulrich’s construction supervisor added details in the custom barn to make it easier for the children to do their chores. “They took extra care to make sure it’s working for us,” Colleen said.

Brian Trainor is very happy with the new barn, saying, “Working with Ulrich has been painless. They’ve done everything they said they would do.”

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