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A Place of Serenity

Updated: Mar 18

Kathy Ballard used to live in a metropolitan area, but increasing property taxes and a desire to retire in the country made her start looking for other options.

She found a one-acre lot for sale and quickly decided it was the place she was meant to be. The plot was completely undeveloped, so Kathy needed to bring water, septic, and electric service onto her property.

Kathy had been thumbing through the Ulrich Cabins catalog for several years, dreaming of buying the perfect cabin. With the help of a sales consultant, she settled on a 16×40 one-bedroom design with a loft. While Kathy lives by herself most of the time, being able to host her children and grandchildren was very important to her. The loft serves as the guest quarters, which her grandkids love.

Although the cabin is compact, Kathy doesn’t really feel like its a tiny home. After all, she has a full bathroom, kitchen, and guest bedroom. A small breakfast bar is tucked in at the end of her kitchen, and the space under the stairs has a storage nook. Windows high on the side of the cabin allow natural light to illuminate the living area.

For her garage, Kathy purchased a 12×24 Premier Garage from the Ulrich sheds division. Not only does it protect her car but it provides additional storage space too.

Kathy loves the feeling of peace and serenity she experiences in her cabin. “At my age, I’ve lived in more than a few homes,” she says. “I’ve never had a home that I have that same feeling every day when I walk in, of complete gratitude.”

“Ulrich has been fabulous from start to finish,” says Kathy.

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