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A Potting Shed and a Getaway

Updated: Mar 19

Lynn Schoenberg enjoys working with potted plants, so when she and her husband Ted built a new home, they poured a slab for her future potting shed when the home’s foundation was poured.

After the couple moved into their new home, it was time to start looking for a shed. There was only about 14 ft between the Schoenberg’s house and their neighbor’s home. Their shed slab was directly adjacent to their home, leaving just enough space to allow for a large shed door to swing open.

After some careful shopping, the Schoenbergs settled on an 8×10 Ulrich Heritage Shed. Rather than using the standard double doors, they settled on a single four foot wide door.

The shed had to be built slightly off the slab in order to have enough room to work behind it. After it was finished, the Ulrich crew moved the structure into position adjacent to Ted and Lynn’s home.

Inside, Ted lined the ceiling and west wall with radiant barrier to reduce summertime temps. He installed lights, plugs, and a ceiling fan.

With her potting bench directly under the window, Lynn’s shed is fun and easy to use. While she didn’t really think of it as more than a storage and potting shed at first, as they continued planning, she began to envision it as a little getaway as well.

It turns out that even when you have a nice new home, a little shed of your own can be a fun and peaceful place to relax.

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