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A Quilting Studio Dream Come True

Updated: Mar 19

Janice Kendrik recently remarried and moved. An artist whose medium is fabric, she has been quilting for more than twenty years. Janice dreamed of a quilting studio. She wanted to have her own space and more room for quilting as she was moving into retirement and having more time to quilt. A storage shed was the best way to get the space she needed.

As Janice began her search for a shed, she saw buildings at the Ulrich Barn Builders sales lot.  Knowing something about construction, she was quite impressed with how well-built Ulrich sheds are. She chose a 12×24 Retreat Cabin Shell. She liked the door on the side instead of the front. This door faces her house so she can keep an eye on her quilting studio. The windows on the south bring lots of sunlight into her work space.

While ordering the storage shed online, Janice appreciated working with her sales consultant. He was easily reached by email or phone and explained her options well. He made sure Ulrich Barn Builders modified the shed to her specifications. Her quilting studio was delivered as a shell and local contractors finished it out.

“This is definitely not a shed. I call it a studio, a place where I go and create,” Janice says of her favorite place. She’s furnished it with a cutting table, sewing area, storage units for books and fabrics.  A quilt on the wall for a focal point, and an easy chair for her husband.  When she’s not in the house, he knows he will find Janice in her quilting studio.

This Retreat Cabin Shell from Ulrich Barn Builders is a dream come true. “I’ve been really happy with how everything’s turned out,” Janice says.

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