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A Wood Barn for Legacy Ranch

Updated: Mar 18

In May of 2018, Kim Wyatt retired from his position as CEO of a local bank. Now he enjoys spending his days raising cattle on the 160 acres he and his siblings inherited from their father.

Needing a building to protect the tractor and other equipment, his brother and sister wanted a wooden barn reminiscent of a barn from their childhood. They especially wanted a barn with a loft.

So Kim looked online and discovered that Ulrich Barn Builders had exactly what they were looking for. Kim met with sales associate Dustin Young, who arranged a tour of a similar barn they’d built for another customer. Touring that barn convinced Kim a 30×30 Raised Center Aisle Ulrich barn was what they needed.

To accommodate the tractor, the center of the barn was raised a foot, with a wooden roll-up door modified accordingly.  They added a walk-through door and a loft as well.

Building the barn on-site was delayed by rain, but construction supervisor Brian Seaman communicated well with Wyatt about the timing of the build.  Kim was impressed by the hardworking crew, who finished about two days sooner than projected.

Kim and his siblings are very pleased with the construction of their Ulrich storage barn. The barn is very sound and tight.  Kim stores feed in the barn, and no raccoons or other animals have been able to get at the feed. His equipment starts better on cold mornings now that it’s protected. The barn has exceeded his expectations.

Kim says, “It’s probably an overbuilt barn, but can’t complain about that! It’ll be here longer than I am.”

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