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A Writer’s She Shed

Updated: Mar 18

Why would a retired English professor want a she shed? If you think it has something to do with a writer’s place, you’re correct.

Many women are finding it’s much easier to relax and enjoy their hobbies when they’re not inside their home. Toni Howell is no exception. She loves having a place that’s uncluttered, and away from all the things that “should” be done in her home.

Toni enjoys writing and aspires to build a body of published work. She’s already written a novel that she hopes to publish. While she already spends 1-2 hours most days in her Ulrich writer’s cabin, she hopes to bump that up to 4-5 hours, allowing her to make some serious progress on her writing projects.

When Toni and her husband Lee saw this cabin shell at our retail store in Cleburne, TX, they knew right away that this was the one. The interior is roughly 12×12 ft, and the porch adds another 4 ft for a total size of 12×16 ft. It’s our Retreat, with heavy duty framing and a loft area above the porch.

The Howell’s added insulation, sheetrock, and lighting to convert it from a shell into a finished studio for Toni’s artistic pursuits. A porch light and potted plants give it that extra pop on the exterior.

Inside, Toni has a wicker chair for relaxing with a book, and a writing desk for her laptop. The three windows allow generous natural light, and the air conditioner keeps it pleasant during the summer.

Thanks for your business, Toni! We wish you many happy hours of writing and great success with your projects!

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