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All The Stress is Gone

Updated: Mar 18

Pavan Mula grew up on a farm in India and prefers country life to the city. He found a property, away from his job and where his family could enjoy nature and he can make sure all the stress is gone. 

Although he looked online at several cabin companies closer to home, they would not show him the building process. The first time Pavan visited Ulrich Cabin Builders and toured the factory, he fell in love with the Ulrich cabins.

He toured a model cabin which had the floor plan he wanted and a loft area which his children love. He says, “It didn’t take me long to make a decision to buy an Ulrich cabin.”

The factory tour sealed the deal for him. At Ulrich, Pavan observed, “They have the confidence to show what they’re doing—not just the end product, but the process. That shows the confidence they have about their own work.”

Pavan loves the woods on his property and wanted to leave as many of the trees as possible. He was impressed that an Ulrich salesperson made the three-and-a-half-hour drive to look at his property and determine how the 16×52 Homestead Cabin would be delivered and which trees to fell. 

Once the rain finally stopped, cabin delivery went well. Pavan says, “Those two delivery guys, they are awesome. They know what they are doing.” 

His daughter Mihika says, “I feel happy and excited to come here!” One weekend the Mulas set up a movie outside for the kids while Pavan was grilling. With friends and family working on projects, making s’mores by the campfire, enjoying a zipline, archery and other sports, he says it is very festive. When he and Sai enjoy hot drinks on the deck in the quiet mornings, he says, “All the stress is gone.”

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