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Artist’s Studio Shed Keeps Him in the Zone

Updated: Mar 18

When his sister-in-law joined his home in Fort Worth, Texas, Darrell Whitsell moved his art supplies out of his bedroom-turned-studio. With no extra rooms in the house, he needed a new space for his artist studio. 

The City of Fort Worth allows only a certain amount of square footage for outbuildings. Since Darrell already had another storage shed on his property, he had size limitations for a new studio shed. The sales consultant at Ulrich’s Cleburne location was invaluable in working with city size regulations and completing the permitting process. The 8×17 Premier Cottage shed perfectly fit the allowable size. 

Extra tall walls give the studio shed a more spacious feel and make space for a loft where Darrell stores canvases, frames, and art tools. Artists know their studio is an extension of themselves. For Darrell, his studio is filled with carefully selected objects and furniture which give him happiness and facilitate and inspire the creative process.

With music playing, incense burning, and bright lights for his work, Darrell has the perfect ambience. The atmosphere in his studio shed keeps him in the creative zone for hours at a time. Art is a natural drive for Darrell. His best pieces are gifts, ways to say “I love you.” He uses his new artist studio shed for pencil drawing, learning to paint in oils, learning to play the guitar, meditation, and reading. 

“It’s hard to leave once I’m in here,” Darrell says reflectively. “This is a perfect place to be.”

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