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Backyard Secrets

Updated: Mar 18

If you drove past Don Longo’s suburban home you probably wouldn’t note anything particularly out of the ordinary, compared to the other homes on the street. But go through the backyard gate, past the house, and into the backyard, and it’s as if you’ve stepped into a different world.

A shaded stone walkway curves through landscaped beds with tropical looking plants. Following the walkway to the left takes you to Don’s house, but if you follow it to the right, it takes you to the shed. It almost feels unfair to call it a storage shed. The shed, in this case, would be better described as a studio. With all the bells and whistles that come standard with a Limited Series Ulrich shed, it strikes an elegant and regal pose in the small backyard.

You can tell from his backyard that Don obviously has an appreciation for visual beauty. It’s no wonder — he’s an artist! His Ulrich shed is now his studio.

Don is a retired school teacher, having taught for 38 years. He retired recently and is really enjoying his first school year, not in the classroom. Instead, he’s spending a lot of time in his shed-turned-art studio.

Don had wanted a shed/studio for quite some time. He had shopped the big box stores but wasn’t impressed with their build quality. He found us when he started looking online. When he saw an Ulrich ad featuring one of our garden style sheds, he was immediately interested.

Working with sales consultant Steven Lockwood, he selected a 10×16 Heritage Limited with extra tall walls, dormer windows, and a cutout for his A/C. Inside, he outfitted the shed with a desk and storage for his art supplies. The shed also features an area with comfortable seating. The C style wrap around loft up above will allow Don to store household items up out of the way.

Don has a few more improvements he hopes to make, including insulating and lining the interior walls and adding a small deck in front of the studio.

Aside from the beauty and quality of the shed, Don was impressed with the financing he was able to get on his shed. He also enjoyed working with Steven Lockwood. “He was excellent,” says Don. “he was real personable with me.” Don was also amazed by the on-site construction crew’s ability to build the shed by hand, in only two days.

All in all, Don is very pleased with how the project has turned out. “I use it every day… I love going in there… Nothing bothers you outside. It’s just a nice place to be.”

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