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Best Places in America for a Log Cabin

Updated: Mar 20

Cabin living –there’s nothing quite like it. And if you are as big a fan of cabin living as we are, then you’re going to love this list of best places in America for cabins. Whether you are looking to cozy up in the winter, or in need of a launching pad for your outdoors adventure, these cabins are every cabin-lover’s daydream.


From shore to shore, Lake Tahoe is a premiere, cabin-dweller location. Tahoe locals love cabin living so much that they live in them year round! They even have fancy restaurants in log cabins. Just check out the Soule Domain in North Lake Tahoe.

Love paddle boarding, jet skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding or fine dining, gambling and summertime music festivals? Tahoe is perfect destination for outdoor lovers and homebodies alike.

Tahoe is such a perfect destination for mountain dwellers and cabin-fans that most people you meet haven’t even been living there their whole lives –it’s much more common to run into locals who were once tourists themselves but decided to turn coat and try out cabin living for good.

Besides the activities we already mentioned, Tahoe is renowned for its skiing and makes a great destination for winter-time guests as well.


Tucked away in Tennessee, Gatlinburg is a great tourist destination for camping and cabin living alike. Similar to Tahoe, Gatlinburg hosts a wealth of family friendly activities that make this the perfect destination for families looking to spend some quality time with one another.

A few key points of interest in Gatlinburg include wineries, distilleries, shops, a Sky Lift, and plenty of shows and entertainment.

Cape Cod

Perhaps less of a cabin destination, and more of a cottage one, Cape Cod still has the necessities of any cabin getaway adventure. Love biking along shorelines? Cape Cod is a great destination for sea lovers. There’s also plenty of historical sites for those in tune with America’s history, and lighthouses for the more nautically inclined tourist.

Boerne, Texas

Of course, if you’re looking for more than just to visit, you’ll be wanting a cabin site that is just as practical for long-term stays. When it comes to places you’ll want to look to build a cabin, Boerne will be up there on top of the list.

Boerne is one of America’s premiere cabin building locations. Nestled right into the Texas hill country, take advantage of the entertainment, arts and family-based activities that marks this great cabin town.

Ready to get out on a cabin excursion? Then it’s time to build your own cabin and/or rent from one of these premiere locations. What are you waiting for? Describe below some ways you’ve gotten your cabin fever or subscribe for more updates from Ulrich Log Cabins.

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