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Built His Own Shed Porch

Updated: Mar 19

Danny Messick wanted a shed that didn’t look like a “storage shed.” Since he moved into his home five years ago, he’s transformed his backyard into a little slice of paradise.

After his mom moved in with them, Danny’s garage nearly burst at the seams. He needed more storage space. Rather than hiding his new Ulrich shed in a far corner, however, Danny decided to make it a prominent feature in his backyard landscape.

He worked with one of our Internet Sales Consultants and selected a Texan Barn. Danny wanted to add a shed porch after his barn was built, so the Ulrich crew left a specific area of the roof without shingles so that he could easily tie in the porch himself.

After he built the shed porch, Danny added landscaping around the porch to complete the look. Inside his shed he installed electrical wiring and lighting, a workbench, and a permanent air compressor.

“From the patio we can sit there — it actually looks like a little house out here instead of a storage barn,” he says.

Danny has enjoyed working with Ulrich, and is thinking about buying another shed for his mom.

“I would recommend Ulrich to a friend or anyone who asks,” he says.

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