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Buy a Shed with Confidence! 10 Things to Check Before You Buy.

Updated: Mar 19

Buy a Shed with Confidence

If you can no longer fit the car in the garage, or worry about the weight of stuff in your attic, it might be time to buy a shed for your backyard. A quality Shed comes in all shapes and sizes, with a myriad of options that entice the most discriminate buyer. Unfortunately, not all backyards are created equal and accommodating some sizes or options might not work for your property. Considering the delivery of your storage building, and what might prohibit the delivery rig access, is also important. So, before you go shopping, take a walk around your backyard and ask yourself the following questions.

Check your Zoning before you buy a shed.

Before considering the backyard, check out the local zoning ordinances and homeowners association requirements. Some HOA regulations do not even allow outdoor storage sheds, or they want them of a certain size and color. For neighborhoods which value scenic views, the HOA may have shed height restrictions in place. Your HOA and the local government may also have regulations about the placement of the building in relationship to property lines, fences, and other structures. You might also ask yourself, “Do I need a permit for a shed?”

How is my access?

If you have a gate on your driveway or in a fence, does it open wide enough to allow entry to a large truck and trailer with a building on top? Consider the grade of your driveway, too. Is it too steep for this rig to climb? If you have a tree-lined lane, there needs to be enough clearance for the rig to get through without breaking your branches.

What is overhead?

When your building is delivered, it will come on a trailer which elevates its height considerably. Look for power lines, tree branches, building overhangs, or anything else in the air that might prevent the installation of your building. Also, check the space where you want the building to sit to make sure the overhead tolerance is high enough.

Are there underground utilities?

You will have trouble if you find out a year after setting your building that it is covering your septic tank or drain field. If you live in a subdivision, where is the sewer cleanout? Do you have an underground gas tank? Even if you are not burying electric lines to your storage building, you don’t want to cover utility lines that may need repair in the future. Call 811 to verify the location of utility lines on your property.

Is the location I’ve chosen clear of trees?

Trees overhanging your outdoor storage shed drop leaves on the roof and into the guttering if you have it. Branches could scratch the siding on a vinyl shed or damage the paint on a painted shed. A young tree too close to the building could, over time, grow roots that damage the shed foundation.

What is the climate in my yard?

Your shed needs a balance of both light and shade—enough sun to dispel dampness and enough shade to protect your valuables from heat.

How is the terrain?

So, your driveway is flat enough for the big rig to get through, but what about the yard? If you’re afraid that if your toddler falls he will roll downhill for miles, chances are your yard might be too steep for a delivery rig to navigate. You need a place flat enough to set the shed that will be secure. If you don’t have a flat space, you look at creating one before you buy a shed.

Do I have water that drains through my yard?

Obviously, you don’t want to place your shed where water pools. If you are experiencing a dry season when taking this inventory, think back to a rainy season and remember where the water went. When it storms, where does the water run? Under your shed’s foundation is not an ideal location.

How firm is my ground?

This question also depends on current weather conditions. Spring soil tends to be soft or muddy after snow melts and rain begins. And yet spring is the time of year most folks think about home improvement projects like installing an outdoor storage building. Your ground must be firm enough to hold the weight of the delivery rig without it getting stuck. It may be a good Idea to discuss this with your sales rep when you go to buy a shed.

Will I lose my view?

Of all things to consider, the view is often overlooked. If you cherish sitting in your easy chair gazing through the picture window at the mountains on the horizon, don’t put your building outside the picture window. However, if the items in your outdoor shed are valuable, and you want to keep a watchful eye on them, consider how well you can see your shed from all the windows of your home.

Buy a shed with confidence.

Once you’ve taken this inventory of things to check in your yard, make a list to take with you shopping. Having all the details handy will make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. Now that you have checked each of these things about your yard you can buy a shed with confidence!

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