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Cabin Adventures –Why We Love Our Vacations to the Great Outdoors

Updated: Mar 20

Growing up, my family loved taking vacations to the cabin. Whenever we went, I was always excited for the trip and brought along plenty of books to read.

When you are little, everything in a cabin can be an adventure. For that reason, cabins have a special place in our American Psyche. For many of us, cabins are synonymous with family. That’s because so many of them are passed down from generation to generation.

My own family had a cabin in our lineage. My grandfather, a master engineer, built himself a cabin in the South Lake Tahoe area. He did it all by hand and on his own, using pulleys and the like. It was built over the course of several summers spent in Tahoe. It was a masterpiece and a true work of art.

Starting your own legacy

Perhaps your family has a similar story and a cabin passed down from generation to generation. If not, why not start your own cabin legacy? Cabins can be a place to connect and reconnect. They’re especially important for families today.

Because of so many distractions, a cabin retreat can be everything you need to reconnect with your loved ones. They can be a place for your kids to explore their imaginations, learn to love the outdoors, and gain a love for simpler things, like reading, painting, or playing board games with the family.

The benefits of Cabin adventures

We all know we love our adventures to the cabin. But may come as more of a surprise to you is the fact that cabins actually have a lasting beneficial impact on cabin dwellers.

Because of its closeness to nature, staying a weekend in a cabin can actually encourage your kids to get exercise. This will do more than just teach them an appreciation for the outdoors: the exercise they have will be much healthier than staying the weekend in a tech-filled hotel.

Have loved ones with difficulty relaxing? A cabin can be the ideal location for those overburdened with stressful jobs. Studies show that staying in a room with bare wood walls for an extended period of time can actually reduce stress and anxiety.

When freed from all the distractions of normal life, there is no other option than for you and your loved ones to engage with one another in ways that we often don’t have time for. A cabin retreat might be just what your family needs.

Choosing your cabin

Although there are plenty of people who live in cabins all year round, there are plenty more who just vacation in them. Want to build a cabin of your own to vacation in? Once you’ve found the cabin destination you love, getting the cabin in place doesn’t have to be a pain.

Ulrich offers affordable cabins and great shipping options to take the hassle out of establishing your cabin legacy.

Ulrich Cabins come prefabricated and are customizable, which means you won’t have to accept whatever the kind of cabin your local contractor knows how to build. Say goodbye to harried tourist spots and hello to a peaceful, healthy, and adventure filled cabin vacation.

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