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Cabin Shell Becomes Equine Counseling Office

Updated: Mar 19

Bonnie and Jim Harlow own an equine therapy business.  Jim works with clients in the office, and Bonnie instructs the clients as they work with the horses. 

The couple keep the horses and horse stalls on their home acreage. Jim used to office several days a week in area locations, but it made more sense to have his office at home. So Bonnie started researching options for a small shell that they could finish out into an office.

Bonnie spent a lot of time checking out reviews online to see which cabin shell builder she could trust. She liked what she found when she researched Ulrich. They settled on a 14 x 28 ft Retreat Cabin Shell. They customized it with additional 3 x 4 ft windows for lots of natural light.

After we built the cabin shell, Jim and Bonnie used a combination of DIY elbow grease and contractors to transform it from a shell into a finished office. The building now features a small waiting room with a play area, a restroom, and Jim’s office. 

Jim’s commute is now a short walk from his front door. The couple loves their new office and hopes to purchase another Ulrich building in the future. 

Thank you Jim and Bonnie, for the work you do for your clients! We wish you many happy years with your new office!

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