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Cabin Shell Converted to Fire Investigator’s Office

Updated: Mar 18

Whether it’s a warehouse going up in flames, or a fast-moving prairie fire, there’s always the question — how did it start? David Sneed can tell you.

David is a fire investigator. After a loss due to fire, insurance companies call on David’s firm DRS Consultants to help them find the original cause. The job requires a lot of technical know-how and persistence in order to successfully decode the information left in a pile of ashes. After David has cracked the case, he has to compile the information in a logical and detailed way that can withstand the pressure of hotly contested court cases.

David used to have office and warehouse space in the city, but his clients rarely visit him in person. He decided to save money (and commute time) but installing an office on his property.

He has an advantage when it comes to shopping for cabin shells. David has a lot of background in construction codes, so he knows a solid building when he sees one. In the end, he settled on a 10×20 ft Ulrich Retreat for his new office. “What I saw was a product that was superior to everything else I was seeing,” he says.

The cabin shell features a corner porch, three windows, and a cutout for his A/C unit. After delivery, David insulated the shell and installed paneling on the walls and ceiling. He then added track lighting, his office furniture, and plaques showcasing his certifications.

David often has to spend long hours under the hot sun when he’s out on the scene. When he comes back to his office, however, it’s cool, quiet, and comfortable.

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