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Cabin Turned Putting Green

Updated: Mar 20

Mother-in-law suites are rapidly gaining popularity. Rather than sending mom or dad off to some distant (and really expensive!) nursing home, why not keep them close by instead? The MIL suite is usually a small apartment-style building located somewhere on your property.

James and Susan Dominy, however, took a different approach. When Susan’s mom needed to move in with them, they decided to move out their home office in order to make room for her arrival.

The Dominys wanted something more than a shed. They wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and built like a home. Being a company with a reputation for its stylish and sturdy buildings, Ulrich had the opportunity to provide them with the solution. It now serves as Susan’s office and a fun place for their five grandkids to hang out. 

Oh, and did I mention it also serves as a putting green? James is an avid golfer, so instead of carpet, he installed astroturf. Rain or shine, he can use his spare time to work on crushing his golf buddies. The cabin shell also serves as the museum for his golf memorabilia.

One of our crews built the cabin shell in the Dominys back yard. Then James worked with contractors to install the wiring and sheet rock the interior. Since Susan works from home, she enjoys going out to the cabin to concentrate on her work, without the distraction of household tasks.

When I asked the Dominys how the building has worked out for them, Susan said, “I’d give it a ten.” James agreed, saying that they are absolutely satisfied.

Thank you for your business, James and Susan! We wish you many happy hours of office work and putting practice!

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