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Camp Thurman Part 1

Updated: Mar 20

First impressions set the tone for all the relationships that follow. Camp Thurman wanted to set the tone of a warm, inviting environment. They looked to Ulrich to create that warm space, with an Ulrich Log Cabin Office. Once you enter Camp Thurman, you will find two Ulrich Log Cabin Offices. The Main office houses the Full-Time Staff. Two administrative desks sit at the front of the office, and the rear office belongs to manager Blake Bowman.

The second office is for Blake’s Brother, Bart. As Director of Operations, Bart ensures that things are running just as they should be. Although his office is also used as a bit of overflow for additional storage, he is glad to have the space he needs to organize his projects.

There is also a third office housing the staff that organizes the Night Campers. The evening camp allows kids to enjoy the same activities as the day campers. However they arrive, just as the day campers are leaving, so they meet on the opposite side of the camp to avoid confusion, thus the need for their own office.

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