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Camp Thurman Part 4

Updated: Mar 20

You wouldn’t imagine finding a wooded oasis in the middle of the city. However, that is just what our friends at Camp Thurman have created.  Located in Pantego, TX, is a summer camp for children of all ages teaching leadership and teamwork with a Christ Centered-set of values.  Hosting an average 7,000 students each summer, Camp Thurman had several needs for Storage that Ulrich was happy to meet.  

Camp Thurman has grown rapidly since opening in 1969, and this year added their largest pool project; The Sea of Galilee, and Nile River.  With a total of Three Pools, Water Slides, Water Fountains, and a Lazy River, there is certainly the need for a Pool House.  The camp has two in total;  one shed houses pool toys, life vests, and miscellaneous supplies; and the other hosts Pool Chemicals.  

The Shed containing Chemicals needed to be in a particular spot that proved difficult to maneuver.  However, our driver Tim Glick worked hard into the wee hours of the night to ensure that the building was set exactly the way they needed it. He also carefully blocked and leveled to ensure they would never have issues with the doors, so it can always be safely locked for the protection of the young campers

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