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Campers Love This RV Park Cabin

Updated: Mar 18

Ken Neans owns a long-term-stay RV park near Georgetown, Texas. He needed a commercial cabin for guests to use for family gatherings, and he needed a bath house. 

He chose a custom cabin shell from Ulrich Cabins. Though he could have purchased cheaper buildings, he wanted the RV park cabin to fit the park’s rustic wood theme. In construction all his life, he had never been so impressed with building quality. “To go through the factory,” Ken says, “and see how they’re built and see the fasteners they use, see the material they used, it just really amazed me.” 

Guests use the RV park cabin for birthday parties and barbecues and movie nights. They love the cozy ambience, with pine-paneled walls, vaulted ceilings with rustic rafters, and cedar porch posts. The flooring is water-resistant with a wood look, a good choice for heavy use. 

After building delivery, another Ulrich crew built on a 60×16 porch, stained and sealed it, and finished the tin roof. “It was a really painless deal to get it done, to get it designed, to get it built,” Ken says.

Ken loved the community building so much, he wanted a bath house to match. He bought an Ulrich cabin shell and finished the bath house interior himself. 

The Ulrich cabins have been a great investment for Ken’s business. “If you’re not going to build it on-site, this is the only way to do it,” he says. “They bring it in, set it down, it’s finished. You hook up your plumbing, your water, and your power in an hour—and you’re done.”

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