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Careful Shoppers Choose Ulrich Storage Shed

Updated: Mar 19

Lee and Joan Slaughter’s garage was too cluttered. Their large lawn tractor took up a lot of space. They needed a backyard shed in which to store their mower and gardening equipment. 

For a year and a half, they observed storage sheds in their area, noting what they did and did not like about the designs and how the buildings lasted over time. 

Joan says, “Comparing price to the durability and the quality of the materials, it led us to Ulrich.”

She and Lee wanted a building consistent with the design of their house, and they liked the appearance of the Elite Gardener series. As Joan says, “It’s classy; we like that.”

Working with their Sales Consultant, the ordering process was conveniently done by phone and email. “It went pretty quick from the time we ordered it and it got done,” Lee says. 

The Slaughters wanted their 10×16 Elite Gardener built on a concrete foundation and floor for durability, which meant the storage shed needed to be built on-site. Joan says the crew from Ulrich Barn Builders was “very diligent and hardworking.”

Lee and Joan added electricity, lighting, and insulation. A concrete ramp leads to the double door, and a concrete pad in front of the single door keeps dirt and water out. They use the shed to store their garden tractor, gardening supplies, and for temporary storage during events they host. 

In the first rain after the storage shed was built, water leaked in at the base of the building. Ulrich “was very responsive,” adding flashing around the base which completely fixed the water problem. 

Joan says, “It’s a great product. It’s useful. It’s making a difference to us, and we’re very proud of it.”

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