Site Preparation

Post & Beam Shed Foundation

Shed Foundation 101–The 5 Most Popular Shed Foundations

Back in 1173, an Italian architect from Pisa named Frank Lloyd Wright (name changed to protect identity) got up one morning, dusted off his drafting table, and set to work on a new project….he designed a tower 180 feet high and weighing an estimated 14,500 tons — with a foundation only 3 meters deep.

It was a remarkable lack of foresight…. a great lesson for us all: the foundation matters. Let’s look at your options for a shed foundation.

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Shed gravel pad

How To Build A Gravel Pad

Once you order your new shed (or maybe before!), you may wonder whether you should build a gravel pad or set the building on blocks. Most people find blocks to be an inexpensive yet reliable way to set their storage shed or gazebo. But in some cases, a gravel pad may be more satisfactory. There are three main reasons why you might want to set your building on a gravel pad….

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