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Clear the Garage

Updated: Mar 19

Brian needed a storage shed for a number of years in order to get his yard and gardening tools out of the garage. After a family member accidentally scratched his Corvette with a rake, Brian decided it was time to take action.

He shopped various shed companies, looking for the best combination of features and value. One weekend, Brian went to our store and looked at different models in person. He liked both the aesthetics and the heavy-duty construction of our Elite series sheds.

“It’s built like a quality house,” he says.

Back at home, Brian went to and selected at 10×16 Elite Gardener. He could then choose the colors and features that best matched his upscale property.

Brian worked with an Ulrich sales consultant to finalize the options and sign the paperwork. 

“Bill was very easy to work with,” says Brian.

After the building was delivered, Brian installed cedar skirting around the base of the shed to prevent any critters from getting underneath the building. He installed a crushed granite driveway to the shed, making it easy to walk or drive up to the building. 

Brian is very happy with his new shed. His Corvette can rest securely in the garage, while he has easy access to his garden and lawn equipment in his Ulrich shed.

“I think overall my experience with Ulrich was exceptional,” says Brian. “They certainly met every expectation I had. They delivered on every promise they made.”

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