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Contractor Grade Lofted Barn

Updated: Mar 18

John Mullenax owns Mullenax A/C and Heat. He wanted a backyard lofted barn where he could keep supplies for his heating and air conditioning business.

When it comes to shopping for a storage building, John is not an impulse buyer. He checked at local lumber yards, and visited our location as well. In fact, John visited our display lot three times.

In the end, what sold him on an Ulrich shed was the combination of quality and useful features. John had purchased low quality sheds in the past, so he knew what happens with a cheap structure over time. He didn’t want another shed falling apart in his backyard. 

John decided to purchase our 12×28 ft Texan Barn. The wraparound loft gives him plenty of space to store ductwork and insulation, and the optional ramp lets him roll heavy equipment into his shed. He put a window A/C into one of the two windows to make the barn more comfortable. He furnished the barn with a small table and a chair. When he’s in the mood, he takes his laptop into the barn — viola — instant office.

John recommends other contractors visit our store and check out our buildings. “They’ll take care of you,” he says. “They took care of me.”

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