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Cozy Cabin From Ulrich Has Gorgeous Interior

Updated: Mar 18

When Jim and Jodie Sands inherited a 140-acre deer ranch in Fredricksburg, Texas, from Jodie’s father, they searched for a cozy cabin or house to put on the land. Finding a contractor was difficult and costly. 

The Ulrich Cabins website impressed Jim with their easily customizable designs. He knew if Jodie toured the factory, she would see an Ulrich cabin was the perfect fit. They designed their cozy cabin the day of the tour.  

Doing “the design work within an afternoon was pretty amazing,” Jodie says. They chose a 16×48 Homestead cabin with a vaulted ceiling and many windows to make it feel spacious. 

For the cabin site, the Sands chose the side of a hill so they could enjoy the view. The Ulrich team was well able to handle the tall pier system the hill required. The delivery was a jovial family event, despite slogging through a muddy pasture. 

Jodie loved that having the cabin built indoors meant it stayed clean and free from spiders and creatures. At delivery, it was move-in ready.

An added courtyard provides a windbreak and keeps their dog contained and safe from wildlife. 

Jim comes out weekly to care for the deer. “The coziness of this cabin makes me feel like I could live here permanently,” he says.

For Jodie, their Ulrich cabin is “cute as a button. It’s a really happy place.” Now the Sands enjoy more quality time together, and childhood friends and extended family love to visit the ranch. 

Working with Ulrich, Jim says, “We got our quality cabin that we dreamed about.”

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