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Custom Garage Matches Unique Stucco Home

Updated: Mar 18

Brian George bought a bass boat from one of his poker friends some time ago. Now that he’s nearing retirement, Brian wanted to be able to keep his boat on his property, rather than in a storage facility.

The homeowners association in Brian’s neighborhood, however, is quite particular about following the rulebook. Additionally his city also has plenty of regulations when it comes to building a large structure in your yard.

Brian needed a contractor who could customize his garage to meet the HOA and city standards. Ulrich, it turned out, was just the ticket.

One of the HOA’s requirements was that Brian’s garage had to look very similar his home. Sales consultant Dustin Young worked with Brian to provide a building that would satisfy the HOA requirements by matching the soft contemporary style of his house.

The garage maximizes the available space, with a 29×26 ft footprint. In order to match the house, it has light colored stucco, a distinctive trim style, and a steeply pitched roof.

In addition to housing his bass boat, Brian also has woodworking tools that he will be keeping in his new garage. The steep roof allows him to utilize the attic for additional storage space.

Overall, Brian has been very pleased.

“I would absolutely recommend Ulrich for a garage like this,” he says. “I chose them because I wanted a quality building, and that’s what they provided.”

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