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Custom Garages for the Lake House Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 18

Craig Scott owns a vacation home on the lake. The property had a small carport, but as Craig discovered, a carport doesn’t keep your boat clean. Leaves and dirt are an ever-present part of storing something in a carport.

So Craig set about finding a better solution. Trying to coordinate framing and concrete contractors, particularly away from a big city, was quite challenging. He started searching on Google for “garages”, and found Ulrich Garages.

When Craig called us, he spoke with Ulrich Garage Consultant Dustin Young. He found Dustin to be very accommodating with his schedule.

Initially, Craig intended to replace the 16×20 ft carport with a single story garage of the same size.

One of his goals, however, was to be able to park his Ford F150 inside during inclement weather. With his truck being about 20 ft long, Craig decided to increase his garage to a 16×25 ft size.

Once the site was ready, construction progressed smoothly, with the exception of some rain delay. Craig was impressed by the professionalism and neatness of the crews who poured the concrete slab and framed the structure.

After we finished our part of the project, Craig had electricity installed. Soon he plans to insulate the building with spray foam. Finishing touches will include shelving and place for his tools, as well as shutters to match his house.

Craig says that Ulrich Garages solved his challenge of coordinating a concrete and framing contractor.

“It was a perfect solution to the problems I was having out here in this very rural area,” he says. “Everything is going to come together real nicely now.”

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