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Custom Shed Complies with HOA

Updated: Mar 19

HOA rules are all over the map when it comes to backyard sheds. Some associations don’t mind at all if you get a nice backyard shed, and others nearly ban sheds altogether. 

One of the most common HOA restrictions for backyard sheds is a limit on how tall the building can be. In Yung Lee’s case, that restriction was 7 feet overall height. He did his best to get an exception, but with no luck. If Yung wanted a backyard shed, it would have to be less than 7 ft tall.

Yung Lee lives in a new home with his family, and he wanted to be able use his garage as a fitness room. His backyard shed would allow him to move tools and storage items from the garage into his shed.

Since a regular height shed was out of the question, Yung worked with an Ulrich Sales Consultant to design a shed that would fit within his HOA’s guidelines.

Yung is very pleased with his custom “lowboy” shed. He especially liked the ability to visualize his shed’s colors on our website at He successfully matched his home’s trim color without ever seeing an Ulrich shed in person.

“We were very happy with the entire process,” says Yung.

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