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Custom Woodworking Shop

Updated: Mar 18

Billy Battan has enjoyed woodworking as a hobby for many years. In the past, Billy worked on his projects in the backyard, but his tools kept getting rusty. He needed a nice shop where he could keep his tools dry and protected.

Billy has lived in his home for over 30 years. In order to get his wife’s approval for the project, Billy needed to find a building that would look attractive and fit in well with the house.

He found just the thing in Ulrich’s Workshop. With a garage door, heavy duty construction, and customizable door and window layouts, Billy was able to design a shop to his specifications.

There was a unique twist, though. Billy’s property is slightly pie shaped. In order to fit in perfectly on the property, Ulrich Sales Consultant Everett Ulrich worked with Billy to design a building that narrowed slightly, to match the property line.

“From the moment I called him, we clicked,” says Billy. “I think I knew probably with 4 or 5 minutes from talking with Everett that I was going to buy from him.”

Billy had a concrete slab poured, and then the Ulrich on-site crew built his 12×16 ft Workshop directly on the slab.

Billy is very happy with the final result. The building fits in great with his home.

“I come out here on a Saturday morning with my coffee, and I look at projects [on YouTube] that I want to do,” says Billy. “This is kind of my unwind place, more than it is a workshop.”

Billy has already been recommending Ulrich to others.

“I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with,” he says.

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