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Dirt Doctor at Ulrich Black Friday Event

Updated: Mar 19

This year, we kicked off Black Friday early with an event featuring the Dirt Doctor (Dr. Howard Garrett).

Dr. Garrett is a long-time radio personality. His expertise covers a wide variety of topics related to natural organic gardening, landscaping, and pest control. For our Black Friday event, the Dirt Doctor gave a special presentation.  How to have healthier gardens and trees, the natural way. His presentation included a fascinating look at some of the world’s most impressive trees.  How are they still alive and well today.

Besides featuring the Dirt Doctor, we also had a live, shed-building demonstration. Two of our shed builders constructed an 8×8 Heritage shed. This allowed visitors to get a “behind the scenes” look at the construction of an Ulrich shed. This shed had a specific purpose. 

Rather than serving as a display at our lot or to fulfill a customer order, this shed was the grand prize of the day’s giveaways. Additional prizes included a free personal consultation with the Dirt Doctor, as well as $500 worth of gardening supplies!

The weather was mild.  Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to visit personally with the Dirt Doctor.  Also, our designers answered questions about our sheds and cabin shells.

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