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DIY Weekender Cabins

Updated: Mar 19

Warren Summers is a police officer. For quite some time now, he’s wanted a place in the country where he can work on developing his DIY skills and become more self sufficient.

About four years ago he and his wife Veronica bought a 12 acre tract in a rural area. The couple researched all kinds of options for their weekend getaway, but settled on our cabin shells. With their Ulrich sales consultant’s  help, they selected two Retreat Cabin Shells: 16×32 ft and 12×32 ft.

Besides looking great and being cost effective, they liked the idea that they could finish out the interior of the cabin shells themselves in order to achieve the look they want. They positioned the cabins parallel to each other, and they are now building a room that will connect the two cabins.

The Summers don’t have any building experience, but they’re not letting that get in the way. Instead, with the help of some power tools and Youtube, they jumped right into framing the connecting room.

Pictured: Warren & Veronica, Maria (Grandma), Warren the 4th, and Wesley.

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