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Does the Ulrich Warranty Cover This?

Updated: Mar 20

John and Stacey Buchanan own a ranch about 4 ½ hours west of Austin, only about 45 miles from the Mexico border.

Built in December of 2016, the couple really enjoys spending time on the ranch in their Ulrich cabin. They loved how easy and enjoyable it was to purchase their cabin, but recently they had the opportunity to put the Ulrich warranty to the test.

The light fixture over the kitchen sink appeared to have quit working, and a couple of the interior doors needed adjustment.

John was ready to work on the light himself, but he decided to call Ulrich in case our warranty would cover the issue.

John was able to schedule the repair for a convenient time when he had planned to be at the cabin anyway.

Gustavo Garcia, one of our skilled builders, hit the road at about 4:00 a.m. to make the 5 ½ hour drive to the ranch.

The Buchanans report that the work was done “Quick, fast, professional.” John is psyched to have his light working again, and his interior doors adjusted as well — free of charge.

“The aftercare, the service after the fact, the warranty work . . . the little things that we’ve had done have been fantastic,” he says.

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