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Donna’s Scrap Happy Place

Updated: Mar 18

Donna O’Toole has enjoyed crafting as a hobby for quite a few years. More recently, her daughter nudged her to consider getting a backyard shed.

Donna and her husband Bob enjoyed perusing the Sturdi Shed lot in Corsicana. Donna was very impressed with the quality of the buildings. 

While they started by looking for a small shed, they quickly started thinking about how nice it would be to have a large shed — large enough to both store Bob’s tools and have a crafting area for Donna.

Working with a Sturdi Shed dealer, they settled on a 12×24 ft Sturdi Shed Lofted Barn, painted gray and white to match their home. One end has a large rollup door large enough for a lawn mower. The long side of the building has a single door, making it easy for Donna to get in and out of her crafting space.

So far, the crafting space isn’t fully finished out, but it does have a window air conditioner, peg board, and electricity. Donna hopes to fully finish out the interior with sheetrock in the future. 

For now, the simple space provides a wonderful little getaway area where Donna can immerse herself in her art. A large sign on the wall says “DONNA’S SCRHAPPY PLACE.” 

“I come out here in the morning, and I lose track of time,” says Donna. “It’s just a place for me to relax and enjoy my art.” 

 A word of caution, though, to husbands who are considering sharing a shed with their wife. Donna says she may take over the entire barn for her hobbies!

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