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Dream Cabin Designs to Inspire You

Updated: Mar 20

If you are going to invest in a cabin, why not get exactly what you want? When you choose the right cabin builder, you can come pretty close. Choosing between cabin designs or running dry on creative ideas for your cabin making project? Check out these cabin design ideas and get started on making your dream cabin a reality!

Cottage style cabin

Not all cabins are created equal –that being said, you can find the perfect cabin for your taste with a little bit of hard work and determination. One style that’s growing in popularity is the cottage style cabin.

Cottage style cabins are all about keeping things vintage. Builders use various different techniques to achieve this look. Cottages aren’t so different from traditional cabins. It’s all about the aesthetic and investing in the kind of cabin that you want to look at every day of your dream vacation.

Cottages fit in particularly well in eastern shoreline destinations, but can also blend in with any cabin community across the country.

Cabin tree columns

Looking to add the charms of nature to your cabin home? Why not use tree columns in place of regular columns in your cabin to add character as well as support?

These columns can be man-made or just bare trees taken from nature. You’ll want to put some time into thinking about the species of the tree and gather information about how these natural tree columns are made. They’re perfect for the back-to-nature vibe.

Add a deck

Cabins make a great destination for summer getaways. But trips to the woods and mountains are beautiful not only for their solitude but for the natural beauty they provide readily at hand. Adding a deck to your cabin can be a great way to be outdoors while also allowing you to enjoy the comfort and coziness of your log cabin.

If you are one for visiting your cabin in the winter, then make use of your deck to enjoy the winter snows by adding deck heaters. There’s no reason wintertime should put a damper on your deck activities!

The reclaimed look

One cabin design trend that’s really growing in popularity is the vintage, reclaimed wood look. Some companies, including one in Eastern Texas, specialize in reclaimed wood and building projects. Reclaimed wood isn’t as expensive as it once was so if you’re into the salvaged wood look, now’s a great time to buy!

Tower cabins

This may look like something out of a Disney film or Lord of the Rings, but believe it or not cabin towers do exist and are enjoyed by many families. They make great retreat locations and scenic lookouts.

When it comes to cabins, there are so many options it’s worth your time exploring all of them and choosing the right cabin for you! Not to mention Ulrich Cabin builders offer great options in customizability that would make it a shame not to envision what your cabin getaway will look like! Your cabin is here to stay so why not invest in exactly what you want, without the hassle of having to build it yourself?

What are some cool cabin designs you’ve come across?

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