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Family Farm Bucks the Trend

Updated: Mar 18

The small family farm has mostly disappeared from rural America. With automated machinery destroying most jobs, the country is now a nice place to live–but the city is where most of us work and do our shopping.

Jeff and Kim Lambert at K-Bar Dairy are bucking the trend. Not only do they make their living on a real family farm, they’re attracting customers from the city who want raw milk, locally sourced meat and produce, and a variety of homemade goodies.

In the good old days when living in the country was the norm, rather than the exception, part of the secret sauce of the rural economy was neighbors’ willingness to help each other with important events like harvesting wheat or constructing a new barn. At K-Bar Dairy, it’s a team effort too.

Jeff and Kim’s family help milk the cows and work the checkout counter. Local vendors supply all kinds of other goodies you’d expect in a country store–from fresh bread, to soap, to aprons. “We try to do local, everything local,” says Kim. “If you’re shopping here, you’re helping us as well as our neighbors around here.”

After the Lamberts started selling milk and eggs, they soon needed a building for their country store. They contacted us here at Ulrich and told us about their plans and their needs. They settled on a 16×36 ft Premier Cabin Shell with a heavy duty floor system to support their meat and milk coolers.

The Lamberts really like their Ulrich building, and have since added an addition in order to expand their store.

We appreciate your business, Jeff and Kim. Thanks for serving your community! 

Visit the K-Bar Dairy website to learn more about how K-Bar Dairy got started.

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