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Farmer Friendly Ulrich Garage

It’s one of the fun parts of what we do—getting to see the many different uses our clients find for our buildings.

In rural rolling farmland, thousands of acres of crops stretch out as far as you can see. If you’d stand on the top of one particular hill, you’d see the bright silvery glint of massive grain bins, standing in a straight line. Beside and in front of them, large metal ag buildings hold the equipment and machinery needed to tend 6000 acres of farmland.

Kay Cannon is an owner of Cannon Venture, a crop farm. She recently built a new home less than a mile from the farm’s base of operations. When she thought about moving the Christmas decorations and other storage items from her prior home, however, she didn’t like the idea of moving all that stuff into her new home. Instead, she decided to purchase a storage building and put it on the farm.

Kay’s son Chris, who co-owns the farm, is a past Ulrich customer. So when Kay needed a storage building, Chris and Kay visited the Ulrich store where an Ulrich sales consultant, explained the different models. Kay decided on a 12×28 Premier Portable Ulrich Garage. With green as the base color and tan as the trim color, it fits in well with the green and tan of the other farm buildings. The garage door and oversized ramp will make it easy to get bulky items in and out of the building.

I accompanied our driver Nathan and delivery assistant Burl on delivery day. The farm was about an hour’s drive from our factory. The special trailer and forklift make unloading and positioning of the building quick and easy, but there’s still quite a bit of hard work involved in leveling the building on concrete blocks. Beads of perspiration formed quickly as Burl and Nathan positioned blocks under the building’s heavy-duty floor beams. Before leaving, they set up the ramp and checked the walk door to make sure it was working correctly. 

From the road, you’d have to look closely over the acres of corn to spot Kay’s new Ulrich garage. The glint of the sun off of its bright galvalume steel roof might be all that you could see. Nestled close to one of the large ag buildings and sporting a similar color, it blends in well. 

For Kay, this will allow her to keep her storage items close to home without needing to take up any space in the backyard or obstructing her view of the cropland.

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