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Faster Cat Adoptions with Ulrich Cabin Shell

Updated: Mar 18

Sometimes adding another building can make a real strategic difference in the effectiveness of your organization. Just ask the team over at the SPCA, a pet rescue center with a location near one of our retail locations.

They used to house their dogs and cats in the same building, but the barking of the dogs stressed the cats. This, in turn, made the cats less friendly and relaxed when they met their potential adoption matches. To solve this problem, founder Deborah Dobbs started looking for a way to get a separate space that would make a great cattery.

With Ulrich sales consultant Aaron Jordan’s help, Deborah settled on a 16×28 Retreat. After the building was delivered, they finished out the interior of the cabin into a number of small rooms, wrapping around a large open area in the center. The smaller rooms include two cat habitats, a meet and greet room for adoptions, storage closet, and office space. The open area also functions as an office.

It’s working really well. The cats are more relaxed, and the organization is having great success with adoptions. It’s working so well, in fact, that they only had one cat in the cattery when I went to visit.

For the local SPCA, getting this Ulrich cabin shell wasn’t just about increasing square footage — it made a real difference in helping them achieve their goal of improving the lives of pets in the Tyler community.

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